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Izumo Japanese

Much like the time I ended up at Northern Tadka, I was actually on my way to Taste of Punjab for a revisit. And the same thing happened again. I didn't make it to the Taste of Punjab for the second time. You see, Mijune was wanting to try out the place and well, my conscience too over. I had promised to dine with here there. Hence, I decided to wait until she was available. So I ended up at the Japanese restaurant in the same complex instead. Now, there seems to be a Japanese restaurant in every strip mall in and around Vancouver. So for me at least, I wasn't expecting much. Yet, I am always ready to be surprised by a great find.

Walking into the place, it was quite obvious it was not Japanese-run. Again, that is not really important if the food is good. Think about it. Just because it is Japanese-run, doesn't necessarily result in good food. I must concede that it would be a good start at least. Now, I'm not going to make this post that long because Izumo is another example of a non-Japanese-run restaurant that is quite average. These are a dime-a-dozen in this city and it only exists to serve the locals. For the Lunch Combo I tried, I would have to say that sashimi was neither good nor bad. It was pretty typical. I thought the teriyaki chicken was to meager with the meat. Hence it was dry and not satisfying. The tempura was pretty average as well with the batter slightly too thick. I got a Rainbow Roll so I could try their sushi rice and yah, it was pretty average as well. The best way to describe it would be dry and mealy. Too bad really since the ingredients were not bad as you can clearly see. Yah, as you can tell, not much enthusiasm from me in this post. A total reflection of the eating experience...

The Good:
- Staff are friendly
- Dining room is clean and spacious

The Bad:
- Food is so-so
- Prices are a bit high

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