Sherman's Food Adventures: Hamburger $2.85

Hamburger $2.85

With the rising cost of living these days, anything that resembles a deal gets a lot of play.  For instance, places like The Dime and The Famous Warehouse are well-known for their "everything is $4.95" menu.  Then there is X-Site Grill (and some copycats) who have daily specials for cheap while the regular menu won't cost you much either.  A new player in town aims to trump even those seemingly untouchable deals with a $2.85 burger.  As a food cart operating on the corner of Granville at Pender in Downtown, there is probably nothing cheaper for the amount of food.

I've tried to visit the cart on several occasions, but it never materialized.  Finally, I decided to just drive down there for the sole purpose of doing so.  Yes, I realize the irony that I probably spent more in gas and parking than the burger itself...  Arriving just as it opened, the short line moved quick.  I picked up 2 Hamburgers along with a Cheeseburger. For $2.85, you get thick-sliced tomato, lots of iceberg lettuce, a decent-sized frozen burger patty, teriyaki sauce and mayo on a relatively light bun.  Hey, for the price, it is a decent burger. The patty itself was on the drier chewier side, but the ample wet ingredients made up for it.  I found it beefy in flavour while the teriyaki was not overly sweet.

Now the Cheeseburger (for $3.50) had a completely different taste due to the slice of processed cheese.  It was definitely saltier and in a way better because the amount of produce watered down the teriyaki sauce in the hamburger. In reality, if I had been passed the burger without knowing the price, I'd be content because it is a decent burger.  But since the price is only $2.85, there really isn't a whole lot to complain about.  In the end, I believe personal satisfaction should be based on perceived value.  In this case, it is one heck of one.

The Good:
- Cheap
- Decent for the price
- No lack of ingredients

The Bad:
- Meat is a bit chewy and dry
- Long lineup during peak periods

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Steve said...

Had 2 of the basic hamburgers today. I found them to be larger than I expected and I really enjoyed the contrast of the fresh, icy cold produce with the hot-off-the-grill meat patty. I took the second one home and by that time everything was just evenly warm :-(
I really like these burgers a lot more than the equivalent products that you get at any of the big burger chains.(The location - not so much.)

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