Sherman's Food Adventures: Stackhouse Burger Bar

Stackhouse Burger Bar

There we were, all ready to give Mamie Taylor's a go when lo and behold...  They were closed?  Open until midnight my arse!  So stuck with no restaurant to eat at after hockey, we had to refocus and head somewhere else.  We ended up going into Downtown, where we parked our cars and took a stroll down Granville Street.  Lots of choices right?  Yes, but we ended up walking the length and stopping at Stackhouse Burger Bar once again.

Taking a quick peek at my previous post, we concluded that the Venison Burger had to be on the table (literally and figuratively).  And much like before, it was surprisingly moist for a supposedly lean meat.  It wasn't particularly gamy except for the goat cheese on top.  Normally, there would be blue cheese, but they had ran out.  Off to some burgers we didn't try last time, we had the Ahi Tuna which featured a razor thin piece of fish.  Hence, there was not much that the kitchen could do to save it from overcooking.  Rather than the desired rare tuna texture, we ended up with something in between cooked chicken and canned tuna.  With that being said, we didn't dislike the burger, we just wished the fish would be rare.

Hands-down, our favourite of the meal was the aptly named Stackhouse Burger.  The thick beef patty helped keep things moist while tasting naturally meaty.  With bacon and a big portobello, there was more than enough flavour.  As for the Chicken Burger, it was relatively moist while not juicy.  It was decent with enough condiments, especially the slice of brie.  I also got a side of Poutine which featured meaty fries that could've been more crispy.  I really didn't like the addition of ricotta in the Poutine as it was wet.  The gravy was nice though with a good consistency and mild flavour.  Again, the food was pretty much the same as last time - good but on the pricier side.

The Good:
- Interesting and generally good combinations
- Low key vibe

The Bad:
- Pricey for what you get
- Portions are modest

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LotusRapper said...

I think you should complain to Mamie Taylor's management !

Re: chicken burger being "relatively moist while not juicy", could you explain the difference ?

Sherman Chan said...

@LR Guess it wasn't dry, but no juices either...

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