Sherman's Food Adventures: Wang Ga Ma

Wang Ga Ma

For some reason or another, Big D and I have not gone on any North Road Korean food adventures of late.  It seemed like we have eaten at nearly all of the available restaurants, however, there are some left.  Well, in actuality, most of the ones we have not visited are rated somewhat low on Urbanspoon.  Yet, like anything, we really need to see for ourselves.  Well, Big D had already been to Wang Ga Ma and it was not rated that low, so we decided to go there for some eats.

We were started off with a large plate of Kimchi which was a bit strange tasting.  It wasn't bad per se, yet it was on the sweeter side with lots of white onion.  There was a nice texture and colour though while the turnip was especially crunchy.  According to Big D, this was a departure from the usual.  Inconsistency perhaps?  We ended up with a small portion of the Stewed Pork Belly accompanied by blanched Napa cabbage and more kimchi turnip.  As with Korean BBQ, the trick is the take some cabbage, pork and kimchi, then add the bean paste, pepper and fermented shrimp.  This was good as the pork was moist and tender where the fat was gelatinous.

As mentioned, one of the condiments was Fermented Shrimp.  This was a nice seafoody and salty flavouring for the pork belly. Lastly, we had the Beef Rib Soup which was well-seasoned and full of short rib and noodles. I liked how it was full of meaty taste without the need to add salt.  The big pieces of meat were soft and didn't require much effort to eat.  For the price, I felt that there was good value.  We didn't have a shortage of food and we only had 2 dishes!  Sure, the service was a bit spotty, but I'd consider coming back.

The Good:
- Not expensive
- Good portions
- Decent eats

The Bad:
- Spotty service
- Could be tidier
- That H-Mart parking lot

Wang Ga Ma on Urbanspoon


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