Sherman's Food Adventures: Over the Moon Creamery

Over the Moon Creamery

Catching up with Cable Car Guy and Girl (as well as their kiddos) was a real treat at Fog Harbor Fish Co, but due to the busy nature of the restaurant, we really didn't want to hold up a big table.  Hence, we left and tried to think of a place to grab dessert.  Although it didn't seem like a difficult thing to do, we stood there for 15 minutes trying to figure out where to go.  Yes, #firstworldproblems...  Eventually, we cancelled out many of the ideas as they were just not nearby.  We finally settled on Over the Moon Creamery in the Embarcardero Center.

When we got there, it took us a further 10 minutes to find the place as it wasn't obvious where it was located.  It actually faces the Ferry Building and not the street address.  We didn't get too creative with our ice cream choices staring with the Funfetti which was not as sweet as some other versions.  It was creamy with no ice crystals and relatively dense (in a good way).  Next was a scoop each of Honey Lavender and Cookies & Cream.  I'm personally not a huge fan of lavender, but this wasn't too floral which mean it didn't taste soapy to me.  The cookies and cream was nothing mind-blowing, but still good nonetheless being purposefully sweet with bits of cookie strewn throughout.

Lastly, I had to get a cookie cup cuz who doesn't want to eat a cookie cup?  It was filled with Lemon Sorbet and Earl Grey.  Light, just sweet enough and tart, the sorbet was refreshing while the earl grey was actually pretty strong.  I didn't mind as I like impactful flavors.  It was smooth, but a bit thick (I didn't mind).  About that cookie cup...  it was firm, crunchy and not overly sweet.  Even until the last spoonful, it held up to the ice cream.  Overall, Over the Moon Creamery did not break new ground, but hey, it was good and did the job.

The Good:
- Smooth and creamy
- Interesting flavors
- Love the cookie cups

The Bad:
- I though it was just sweet enough, but some thought it was too sweet


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