Sherman's Food Adventures: Blue Fox Cafe

Blue Fox Cafe

Finally.  We made it to Blue Fox Cafe.  This was the 3rd try actually with the first time foiled by a long lineup and the second, an early ferry to Port Angeles.  However, we were able to squeeze it in before our Ferry back to the Lower Mainland.  After a short wait, we were seated and went about deciding what to eat.  Knowing the portion sizes can be rather large, Viv did suggest sharing dishes, but honestly, why would we do that???  I want variety and to try as many things as possible!  Does only Mijune understand this?  Anyways, I won the battle and we each got our own dish.

For my son, he went straight for his standby being the Classic Eggs Benny featuring a tonne of locally smoked ham topped with 2 perfectly poached eggs and a whackload (really) of Hollandaise.  At first, we were a bit worried he wouldn't finish it.  Nah, he dusted it off due to being hangry and also it was freakin' good.  As mentioned, there was plenty of Hollandaise, but it was light and airy with only minor hint of lemon.  Combined with the runny eggs and smoky salty ham, there was lots of punch and creaminess.  The bread underneath was firm enough to stand up to all of the wet stuff on top.  Viv went for something simple in the Chorizo and Eggs with hashbrowns and toast.  This was a standard breaky but with a large split chorizo sausage seared on the flattop.  Eggs were prefect sunny side up and the chorizo was meaty, yet lacking in spice.  Loved the sprouting grain toast as it was robust, yet it had a bit too much butter on it.  As for the hashbrowns, they were a bit greasy and could've been crispier, but they were still potatoey and well-seasoned.

For my daughter, it was ironic that she picked the biggest plate with the Salish Salmon Omelette with wild smoked salmon, roma tomato, arugula, spring onion, potato, capers, lemon basil aioli and cracked pepper.  We subbed fresh fruit in lieu of hashbrowns.  This thing was massive and chock full of ingredients.  They didn't skimp on the flaky and smoky salmon as it was the dominant ingredient in the omelette with the potatoes a close second.  Naturally, this ate robust, but wasn't as heavy as it could've been due to the thin layer of egg and the abundance of salmon and veggies.  For myself, I went with the freakin' awesome Oranges del Sol sporting a batter-dipped French toast with cinnamon scented vanilla bean cream, navel orange segments, toasted pecans and triple sec syrup.  Yah, this was sweet, but purposefully where the orange was impactful.  Featuring crispy edges, the French toast was fluffy in the middle.  I would eat this again in a heartbeat.  Yah, Blue Fox ain't the fanciest place, but their brunch is indeed solid with very large portions.

The Good:
- Large portions
- Not merely large, tasty too
- No nonsense efficient service

The Bad:
- Usually very busy
- Maybe hard to finish your meal (not sure if this is a bad)


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