Sherman's Food Adventures: Marché Mon Pitou

Marché Mon Pitou

I'm sure you've heard me complain about the lack of brunch spots in the Lower Mainland.  Well, let me clarify my statement.  It isn't as if there aren't any places to grab brunch.  In fact, there are plenty of choices.  However, there is a lack of interesting options in my opinion, especially the ones that are quaint as well as sporting an interesting menu.  Well, that criteria seems to have been filled by a little place called Marché Mon Pitou beside Wicked Cafe.

We checked it out one morning and were delighted that we could actually make a reservation (most brunch spots don't take resos).   Starting with the basics, Le Mon Pitou featured 2 free-range eggs, double-smoked bacon, breakfast sausage, roasted fingerling potatoes, salad and toasted sourdough.  As you can see, the thick cut bacon was crisp, yet meaty at the same time.  Sausage was nicely seared where it was meaty and juicy.  Eggs were done perfectly over-easy while the potatoes were soft and squishy.  Overall, a solid plate of breakfast items.

I was a bit indifferent with the Coquilles St. Jacques as it was not a very big portion and to top it off, I had to really hunt for the little bits of scallop.  To be fair, the other components were quite good though.  I found the mornay sauce to be creamy and rich with good cheesiness.  This went well with the perfectly toasted sourdough.  It was crunchy on the outside, yet air and chewy on the inside.

The showstopper was the classic Croque Madame.  Let's talk about portion size first.  This thing was absolutely massive and more than enough for one person.  Beyond that, it was also very good with the same sourdough with a creamy béchamel on top with plenty of gruyère and ham in the middle.  Eggs were perfectly runny and the whole thing was just plain delicious.  Thank goodness for the salad on the side as it helped level the heaviness.

We ended off sweet with the Liège Waffles accompanied by vanilla bean mascarpone and fresh strawberries.  These were legit with an appealing chewiness with pops of sugariness.  The whipped mascarpone was creamy and aromatic while lightly sweet.  This was a fantastic end to a delicious brunch.  If you are looking for a special place to visit with great food to match, don't look any further than Marché Mon Pitou.  I will be returning for sure.

The Good:
- Quaint
- Solid eats
- Mostly well-portioned (and prepared well too)

The Bad:

- Tight seating inside (they have outdoor seating too)
- A bit pricey (but worth it in my opinion)


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