Sherman's Food Adventures: Ramen One

Ramen One

Have you ever dined alone?  I'm sure there were times that you had to grab a quick lunch or you just needed food and no one was available to join you.  Maybe you just wanted peace & quiet and couldn't be bothered with company.  Hey, it is possible we just want to be anti-social.  So we could go to any restaurant and dine alone really, but how about a place that is designed for the solo diner in mind?  Imagine individual cubbies where you have dividers separating you from the people next to you and also your own water dispenser, condiments and serving window?  Talk about keeping everything to yourself!

That is the concept at Ramen One on Broadway where you do not have to be bothered by anyone except for the person who takes your order.  Maybe they should have an iPad available so you can just pick what you want...  So as mentioned, you have your own water station and all the condiments to make you happy like sesame seeds, soy and seasoning powders.  Oh and that little curtain?  That is where the food comes out from.  They do a quick knock on the wall and the food slides out.  Get your camera ready!

You can order bowls a la carte, but they are also available as combos with this particular one being the Shoyu Ramen with chashu, bamboo shoots, woodear mushroom, nori and green onions.  We got a Tako Wasabi on the side as well as a Sake Egg.  I thought the broth was clean and balanced in terms of flavour.  It was on the milder side and firm noodles had a good chew.  The thinly-sliced chashu was beautifully seared and was easily eaten.  On the side, the Tako Wasabi had a combo of sweetness, tanginess and the unmistakable hit of wasabi.  The Sake Egg was served on the side due to it being cold and should be eaten cold.  It was similar to other ramen eggs, except the sweet taste of mirin was amped by a hit of sharpness.

The next 2 choices were somewhat similar in the Soy Milk & Dashi and the Soy Milk, Chicken and Spring Onion Oil.  Due to the use of soy milk, I found the broth to be rather thick and creamy.  I didn't get much in the way of soy aftertaste, which was a good thing.  I did notice that when the noodles soaked up the broth, things got a bit goopy.  Better to eat this immediately.  The latter had a noticeable sweetness due to the chicken and also brightness from the oil.

Moving away from soup, we had the Dry Noodles with Chashu as well as the Chashu Rice.  Of course these had the exact flavour profile, but due to the difference in carb, they ate very differently.  I found the noodles to be my personal favourite.  The noodles were al dente and appealingly chewy.  A touch salty, but necessary, the chashu was fatty and tender.  As for the rice, it was more mild-tasting as the plain rice needed the pork to give it impact.  Maybe a bit too much green onion for my liking.  The eggs were good though being custardy in the middle and well-seasoned.

So on the side of the other combos, we had 3 flavours of Onigiri including shiso, pork floss and shredded chasu.  Serving it without the nori encasing the warm rice allowed it to remain crisp.  I found the rice to be slightly dry, but still fine.  I thought the chashu to be the most flavourful and moist due to the amount of flavoured meat.  One of the drink options that I thought was interesting was the cold brew Cream of Earl Grey.  They provide a strainer so that you do not get any loose tea leaves in your drink.  Pretty good and refreshing.

For dessert, we were served a Buttermilk Ice Cream Cone as well as Castella Cheese Tart.  Really enjoyed the ice cream as it had Hokkaido milk vibes.  It was creamy, but not too heavy and purposefully sweet. It was aromatic as well.  If you have ever tried a Castella cheese tart, you will know what I'm talking about when I say they are delicious.  It was served warm and was custardy.  The cheese really came through and again, it was only sweet enough.  The tart shell was firm and had a nice texture.  Overall, the concept here at Ramen One is neat and serves a purpose.  The ramen is quite good but you really do have to eat it right away as the noodles start to absorb the broth quickly.

*All food and beverages were complimentary for this blog post*

The Good:
- Concept seems novel but it does serve a purpose
- Decent eats
- Love the Castella desserts

The Bad:
- Need to eat right away as the noodles get soft quickly


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