Sherman's Food Adventures: Green Leaf Natural Food

Green Leaf Natural Food

Don't let the "Natural Food" part confused you into thinking this is a natural food restaurant. It's not. The only food you'll find here are curry fish balls, instant noodles, chicken wings and toast - a bachelor's feast! Most people don't come here for the food; rather, they come for the bubble tea. I've been frequenting this place for a long time, over 10 years! However, it appears that they have not updated the place for that long as well. I have to be honest, this is one of the most run-down looking bubble tea shops in the GVRD. If you look in the dictionary under minimalistic, you'd probably find a picture of Green Leaf in there. The chairs seemed to have been reupholstered; but it looks like that layer of upholstery has had it. The only decor you'll find in here are the video game and vending machines. Fortunately for them, most people purchase a bubble tea and then go on their merry way.

This is one of the few bubble tea places that uses fresh fruit in their bubble teas (thus the natural foods). Moreover, there is ice cream bubble tea, cheesecake bubble tea and GASP... durian bubble tea! I think you would need a gas mask to drink that one. Anyways, their selection is vast and their prices are reasonable. But how does it taste? Well, I must've went on an off day because my Pineapple-Orange bubble tea with coconut jelly was not very good. It was not very cold and it was slimy. There could be several reasons for this. First, they were quite busy. Second, there might have been a bit too much jelly in my drink; thus making it slimy. Viv's bubble tea was not much better. She had the regular Milk Tea bubble tea and it was warm. The tea was probably just made and was steaming hot. No amount of ice could cool it down. This was a bit disappointing, because the drinks here are normally quite good. Let's just chalk this up to a bad day.

So, based on my previous visits, I would say check out Green Leaf. But based on my current visit, I would say if you want to play on the safe side, go to Bubble World, Pearl Drops or Dragonball.

The Good:
- Very creative bubble teas
- Fresh fruit

The Bad:
- A hole-in-the wall bubble tea joint
- This visit was not good

Green Leaf Natural Food
5756 Fraser Street
Vancouver, B.C.

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Anson said...

Wait a sec here...

Isn't this the place that charges $3 (Tax included) for their Bubbletea?

$3 = fresh fruit + pearls.

I'll give them leeway for having an offday. :)

Sherman Chan said...

I think it's more like $4, but I do agree it's a fantastic value when you consider it's fresh fruit and the other places use powder. Yah, this time was disappointing, but I had to point it out, since my drink was kinda gross. It was hard to drink it...

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