Sherman's Food Adventures: Boomer's Bar & Grill

Boomer's Bar & Grill

Gosh, I was really torn about whether I should blog about this or not. After all, it is merely your run-of-the-mill bar located in an ice rink. Most people would not visit these establishments if they weren't there already (ie. playing a hockey game, watching a hockey game, stuck watching spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/child play). However, food is food and my teammates thought that I should. So here it goes... We had actually visited this place twice during our tournament. The first being in between our 2nd and 3rd games. Yah, boozing and eating fried greasy food ain't the best performance-enhancing activities. However, what do you do for 3 hours while waiting for the next game? Well, we could have aired out our equipment I suppose. Putting wet, stinky equipment on is never a great exercise.

So rather than grabbing a sports energy drink or a banana, we took the $50.00 complimentary gift certificate courtesy of tournament organizers. There wasn't much debate as to what to order since practically everything required the use of a deep fryer. Instead of fighting it, we succumb to the typical fried-Sysco-supplied pub food. Everything arrived at once, so I just hurriedly took pictures of the oil, err... I mean food. I'm not sure what they call the first thing we got; but I'm sure it's some form of Chicken Nuggets or Bites or Poppers... Hey, they were fried nicely and the accompanying fries were your typical generic frozen type. The Team Platter consisted of chicken wings, onion rings, nachos, fried mozza sticks, dry ribs and fried shrimp. Once again, the deep frying station did their job and everything went great with my Diet Coke. Yah, no beer... I actually wanted to be sober for it.

Let's do one more fried item! The Yam Fries once again were your typical generic frozen type. Alas, once again, the deep fry guy or gal did a good job. They were crispy and yammy (is that a word?) in the middle. Finally we have a non-fried item in the Pizza (I have no idea what type it was). I wasn't a big fan of the doughy crust; but there were plenty of toppings and cheese. Despite my ramblings about fried food, there are other items like pasta and sandwiches. For what its worth, the food does its job here for a reasonable price, topped off with friendly service.

The Good:
- It's generic; yet done right
- At least it looks pretty decent inside
- Service is friendly

The Bad:
- Despite other offerings, it is your typical pub fried food
- It's not located near anyone specifically, so normally you'd have to be there to eat there

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