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dot. desserts

*Restaurant is closed*

If you didn't already know, I'm not much of a dessert person. While I do eat dessert, I'm rarely actively seeking it. Now, on the other hand, Bear is all about the desserts. In fact, he'd probably give Mijune a run for her money. While bears generally like honey, it is only fitting that he enjoys his sweets. So, as we were finishing up our meal at Shanghai Village, the topic of desserts came up. I wasn't really paying attention; but like a Corolla to an accident, Bear spoke up. Without giving much thought, he suggested we try dot. desserts. Alright, I remember this place... The last time I was at Posh, our server mentioned that her friends had opened up dot. desserts. Now, don't ask me how we got on that topic. I think she was flirting with Rich Guy or something. Wait, scratch that, Rich Gal could be reading this! Anyways, Bear mentioned the place is quite small and we could easily miss it. He wasn't kidding. We had parked nearly right in front and I still didn't see it. In fact, the "bubble tea" written on the front was more noticeable than the dot. desserts name.

Checking out the place revealed only a few seats. We got the last one which was a bar-type table with bar stools. I wasn't a big fan of this setup despite looking quite cool. For some reason, my seat kept wanting to go all the way down to the lowest setting... So other than their bubble teas, the main items are their parfaits and crepes. Judes opted for the Mango Parfait while Bear went for the Strawberry Mandarin Orange. I got to try both and I though they were pretty decent. Nothing Earth-shattering since it is pretty much a constructed dessert rather than a cooked dessert. Thus, it's all up to the ingredients (which were good), although I find the pricing to be on the higher side.

Milhouse had the Caramel Apple Parfait and it was pretty standard with cooked apples, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and almond slivers. The apples were slightly bland. They could've used more sweetness and tartness. For myself, I went for something different in the Caramel Apple Crepe. This was pretty average in my opinion. The crepe was a little on the doughy side, although I did like the subtle flavours (wasn't too sweet). Although I wasn't necessarily overly impressed with anything; nothing was terrible. The prices are on the higher side; yet I can understand this given the high rent location. It's a decent place pretty much.

The Good:
- Friendly staff
- They got parfaits if you like 'em
- Good location in terms of parking and safety

The Bad:
- Slightly pricey
- Really small place, tight seating

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KimHo said...

I have to wonder.... Did the staff give you funny looks when three big guys went there to have desserts, without a girl nearby? :)

With all these dessert related posts, it looks like you want to beat Mijune at her own game! :P

Sherman Chan said...

Well, Judes was with us, so no biggie. There was only one big guy. Me. Bear and Milhouse are much shorter than me. LOL... Nah, Mijune will always be the queen of desserts.

trisha said...

mmm... i could go for a crepe right now. oddly, the 'doughy' part sounds really good to me. i like some things to be undercooked, like muffins and cookies.

Sherman Chan said...

Trisha, that's why food is a very personal thing. We all like different things and that's quite alright!

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