Sherman's Food Adventures: Restaurant 62

Restaurant 62

Restaurant 62 has been on my radar for a very long time.  However, just like many places, it got lost in the shuffle and honestly, I'm not out in Abby very often.  Interestingly enough, I've been out there 3 times this past Summer.  We've hit up Brodeur's Bistro and recently Bow & Stern.  This time around, after the Chilliwack Corn Maze, we stopped by Restaurant 62 for lunch.

My daughter decided on trying out one of the daily features which was the Gnocchi with mushrooms cream sauce and arugula.  This was super rich where we could definitely taste the fresh cream.  It was completely accented by the ample amount of mushrooms.  Hence, there was plenty of umaminess.  As for the gnocchi, they were medium-sized with a soft texture but still retained a bite.

For my son, he actually wanted the gnocchi, but I "encouraged" him to order the Fraser Valley Chicken Orecchiette with rosemary, ricotta and mushrooms.  This one was a bit similar but not as creamy while the woodiness of the rosemary really came through.  It wasn't overpowering though and we could also get the mushroom.  This was well-seasoned without being salty.  The pasta itself was al dente and held the sauce well.

Viv went for something more casual in the Cheesesteak with Fries.  This consisted of a toasted roll with sliced beef, peppers and onions.  Due to the nature of the dish, we found it the least appealing, not because it was bad but the others were just so much better.  With that being said, the beef was tender and the roll was soft.  Peppers could've been cooked down a bit more and the whole thing needed a bit more seasoning.  Fries were good.

For myself, I had the BC Halibut with Salt Spring Island mussels, manilla clams and fennel in a bouillabaisse.  This was really good where the broth was fragrant with a definite taste of the sea.  I noticed there was a coconut background finish which was pleasant.  Mussels and clams were cooked perfectly while the halibut was seared crispy.  Inside it was flaky and moist.  So this was a good introduction to one of the best restaurants in Abbotsford.  Still curious about the dinner menu and if I can get myself to head out there again, I will surely give that a go as well.

The Good:
- Well-prepared eats
- Nice dining space
- Overall good service

The Bad:

- On the pricier side especially out in Abby, but it is quality food
- Parking lot is large, but runs out of space fast


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