Sherman's Food Adventures: Brunch @ Flying Pig (Olympic Village)

Brunch @ Flying Pig (Olympic Village)

It's been almost 5 years since I've had brunch at the Flying Pig.  That was at the Gastown location right after Sunday hockey.  From what I can remember, the brunch was solid with some interesting menu items (including some good complimentary banana bread to start).  Interestingly, I had made a mental note to bring the fam out since I knew they would enjoy it.  However, it got lost in the shuffle and we still haven't done that.  Well, an invite to try their brunch menu (with some new items) at their Olympic Village location accomplished the long-awaited revisit (without the fam though).

Rather, it was with Jacqueline and we did our best to get a variety of eats including the Bone Marrow Cheesy Bread.  Yes, they really did add a large luxurious bone to the already overloaded bread (sporting a thick layer of melted cheese).  If you think this was over-the-top, it definitely was but this didn't make it any less tasty.  The bread was a meal in itself where the $13.00 price tag seemed completely reasonable.  Onto something more typical, we had the Classic Eggs Benny sporting toasted English muffin, shaved ham, Hollandaise and 2 perfectly runny poached eggs.  Sometimes, eggs benny has become something unrecognizable.  So having a well-executed "normal" version worked for me.  The muffin was crispy, therefore standing up to the tangy sauce and runny egg yolk.

So what do you get when you combine a Vanilla Waffle with Andrew's Fried Chicken?  Something tasty of course! This was well-executed from the waffle to the chicken.  Sporting a crispy exterior, the waffle was tender and fluffy inside.  There was the unmistakable aromatic vanilla essence that complimented the mild sweetness.  The best part of the dish was the large fried chicken breast.  It was moist and tender with an appealing crunchy batter.  Continuing on with carbs, we had the Brioche French Toast with whipped cream and blackberry compote.  By virtue of it being made with brioche, the bread was moist and of course eggy (also from the egg batter).  It was moist, but not wet though where the crispy exterior created the classic textural contrast.  The whole thing was fruity sweet from the blackberries and wasn't overwhelmingly sugary.

Onto some more lunch type items, we tried the Lamb Bolognese Rigatoni with 8-hour slow braised lamb, house-made basil ricotta and charred garlic bread.  They certainly didn't skimp with the lamb here as it easily coated each al-dente rigatoni creating a rich meatiness.  Loved mixing in the ricotta as it added an aromatic creaminess to an already rich and thick bolognese.  Although it didn't look particularly impressive, the AAA Prime Burger was fantastic.  The best part was the prime rib patty as it was charred, juicy and barely cooked through.  This created a rich meatiness that was natural-tasting and caramelized.  It was further amped by the bone marrow aioli that created a fatty silkiness that afforded even more body.  Add in the pickles and this helped lighten up the heaviness to provided a balanced great- tasting burger.  Overall, the brunch at The Flying Pig was solid and a good alternative to the usual brunch spots in town.

*All food was complimentary*

The Good:
- Well-executed 
- Nice space
- Fair portions

The Bad:
- Parking can be a pain in the area


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