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HK BBQ Master

After randomly visiting various Chinese BBQ joints in the GVRD in the last little while, it has further reinforced my belief that HK BBQ Master has the best stuff. I believe in their product so much so, I would drive all the way to Richmond just to get it. Yes, I'm that dedicated! Risk the health of my car as well as my own sanity for some roast pork belly - oh the sacrifices for food... Sometimes I often wonder why I don't live in Richmond altogether. Woah... What is this crazy talk? Okay, I wouldn't go that far. However, I did travel to Richmond to get some of the aforementioned BBQ treats from the lil' joint beneath Superstore.

For me, I believe that HK BBQ Master makes the best Roast Pork in the GVRD. They use pork belly exclusively, which ensures that each order is consistently fatty and moist. When a whole roast pig is offered, every section offers up a different type of meat, from fatty to really lean. I ended up with 2 pounds of it and it was as good as I remembered. The meat was super moist, well-seasoned and the fat melted in my mouth. As for the best part, the cracklings were crunchy yet not so much so that it was hard to eat. Put this in a sandwich and make your own porchetta. I also feel that they make the best BBQ Pork in town as well. It has a lot to do with the outstanding marinade and honey glaze. Not only does it help produce a tasty bark on the outside, it helps keep the pork moist. They also do a good job in the cooking process as there is a nice char which both looks appetizing and offers up some smokiness.

Unlike the last time (where I stuck with only the roast pork and BBQ pork), I also got a whole BBQ Duck. Yes, this was a huge meat order. By the picture alone, you can probably tell the duck was plump and meaty. It had a beautiful rich colour with lots of caramelization. One thing that I personally didn't like was the thick layer of fat underneath the skin. It probably had something to do with the type of duck they used. As for the meat, it was moist and only mildly seasoned. I actually prefer less saltiness as I find it destroys all the natural duck flavours. On the topic of salty, the side of Duck Livers that I was persuaded to buy were packed with sodium. The livers themselves were quite good though. The texture was stiff (as expected from a well-cooked liver), but there was a flavourful "bark" of sorts. In the end, they were too salty though. Whatever really... Let's ignore the livers shall we? The main event here are the BBQ meats and they do a fabulous job with them. For me, HK BBQ Master is hands down the best Chinese BBQ in town.

The Good:
- Well executed BBQ meats
- They only use the pork belly for the roast pork
- The glaze for the BBQ pork rocks

The Bad:
- Livers are too salty
- Pricey

HK BBQ Master 明家燒臘專家 on Urbanspoon


Unknown said...

I'll check it out next time I go to Richmond. Been trying to get a good roasted pig to make my asian style porchetta sandwich but T&T roasted pig just doesn't cut it.

LotusRapper said...

Chinese BBQ meats, they're not just breakfast foods anymore ........


Unknown said...

One of my favorite places in Richmond...where I would take anyone if they were visiting. I want to brush my teeth with toothbrushes made of that BBQ pork.

LotusRapper said...

@Unknown: here .......

Sherman Chan said...

@Unknown T&T sucks. It is only for convenience, no more, no less.

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